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Wine, spirits, fine cheeses. There are plenty of foods that improve with age. Unfortunately, extra virgin olive oil is not one of them. EVOO is a fruit juice and to maximize the health benefits and flavour of Evoolution’s extra virgin olive oil, it is best to use it within a few months of opening the bottle.  

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Aging 

Extra virgin olive oil is a rich mix of delicate components. Fats, biophenols, vitamins, and other nutrients all interact together in every bottle of EVOO. As they interact over time, those components change and the flavour and chemistry of the product changes along with them.  

Does EVOO Expire? 

Extra virgin olive oil degrades over time. At a certain point, it becomes unfit for consumption- not because it is dangerous for you, but rather because the original quality of the EVOO is no longer intact. In other words, the flavour, smell, and chemistry of the EVOO is lost and the olive oil is no longer extra virgin.

How Old is Too Old for EVOO? 

At Evoolution, we focus on two time frames to ensure you get the optimal experience from our high quality EVOOs: the crush date and the date the bottle is opened.

Crush Date

Olives are made into oil at the peak of freshness to maximize their sensory and chemical profiles. The EVOO's flavour and chemistry is at its zenith immediately post-crush and should be enjoyed as soon as possible. Assuming your EVOO is properly stored (away from light, heat, and oxygen), it is best to consume the oil within 18 months of the crush date. 

Bottle Opening 

The second key factor to consider is when your bottle of extra virgin olive oil was first opened. Oxygen in the air oxidizes the components of EVOO, so the exposure that comes with opening a sealed bottle throughout its use will also diminish the quality. To mitigate excessive oxidation, we recommend using your Evoolution EVOO within four months of first opening the bottle.

Detecting Rancid Oil 

While the above guidelines are strongly recommended, your best tool for assessing whether an extra virgin olive oil is too old is your nose. A quick sniff of the bottle can indicate if your EVOO has degraded past the point it should be consumed. Old EVOO will not only lack this sense of freshness, but may also smell rancid (think crayons or old peanuts) or have little smell at all.

Extending Oil Lifetime 

Properly storing extra virgin olive oil slows the degradation of its nutritional quality. Our top tips for storing EVOO are: 

  • Keep it away from heat (the stove) and light (especially the UV rays of the sun) by storing it in a cupboard or pantry.
  • Keep the cork or pouring spout firmly in the bottle when not in use. 
  • If you find your bottle of EVOO lasts more than our recommended four months after opening, consider buying two smaller bottles in lieu of a larger bottle. That way you are better-preserving the second bottle for when you're ready to use it. 


Extra virgin olive oil is a delicious, heart-heathy flavour experience that can enhance your well-being and diet. Evoolution provides only the best quality EVOO. To enjoy our EVOO to its fullest, follow these simple recommendations:

  • Consume your EVOO within 18 months of the crush date, or within 4 months of opening the bottle, whichever occurs sooner.
  • Store your EVOO away from light, heat, and oxygen.


  • Evoolution

    Hi @Pleasance Diane, thank you for your question. Oftentimes, olive oil sellers use terms such as “packed in Italy” to play off the long history Italy has of producing olive oil. Unfortunately, that does not necessarily mean the olive oil was produced in Italy itself, but rather could come from any number of countries and simply sold out of Italy. That is why at Evoolution we ensure that all our Ultra Premium EVOOs are traced back to their country (or even estate) of production and are labelled with that country of origin in-store. We also list what month the olives were crushed to produce that oil, as limiting the amount of time between production and consumption helps ensure you are getting a fresh, quality EVOO.

  • Pleasance Diane

    My bottle of Primo EVOO has no info whatsoever on the label other than packed in Italy. What is that all abt?

  • Evoolution

    Hi @Laurie Hood, thank you for your question. The crush date is listed on the tasting card that comes with single varietal EVOO bottles. We encourage customers to take the tasting cards when they purchase a bottle for this information, and the cards are always included with online orders. If you are interested in the crush date for a bottle you already have, feel free to call any of our locations for the information, and please don’t hesitate to ask a staff member to write the crush date on the bottle during your next purchase.

  • Laurie Hood

    Can you tell me how to find the crush date on my bottle?


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