Refill, Reduce, Rebate!


The Three R's 

Everyone knows about the three R’s of waste management: Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle. In the spirit of catchy phrases, Evoolution has come up with our own three R’s: Refill, Reduce, & Rebate! 


We refill bottles! If you have an empty Evoolution bottle, you can bring it to any of our stores to have it filled up with your favourite product. You’re free to change up flavours as long as oils go into the green-leaf bottles and vinegars go into the red-leaf bottles. So, feel free to bring in your thoroughly washed and dried 200ml, 375ml, or 750ml bottles for a refill! 


Glass is a very durable material that is well-suited to reuse. While recycling glass is helpful, reusing quality glass containers has an even greater positive impact on the environment. Evoolution refills thousands of bottles every year!

Three dark glass bottles sit on a grey counter with an employee in the background.


Being kind to the earth can also be kind to your wallet. To show our gratitude for bringing in your bottles, we are happy to give you a $1.00 rebate every time you refill. 

Ready for a Refill? 

Watch the video above for helpful tips on how to clean and dry your bottles thoroughly for the best refill experience, and we'll see you (and your empties) soon!


  • Tamara

    I love that idea of saving money and also our planet. Let’s refill again! :-)

  • Shelley

    Fantastic, glad to hear that this has started again!! I’ll be in soon with plenty of empties for refilling :)

  • M.J> Large

    I hope you are having the advent calendars again this year. The best gift ever!

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