A Closer Look at the 2023 Advent Calendar


For many people, advent calendars are a fun holiday tradition that bring back memories of snowy winter days and breathless countdowns to the big day. While some may have graduated from the waxy chocolates to a more refined sweet treat every day, we have taken it a step further with our delicious gourmet offerings.

Evoolution's 2023 Advent Calendar is a 24-day celebration of flavour and inspiration, wrapped up in a sunning box that doubles as a work of art.

Moraine Lake Reflections by Jason Carter

We are delighted to be featuring artwork by Alberta artist Jason Carter, whose bold use of colour and clean lines standout on this contemporary piece.  

If you are not familiar with his work, a short biography is included on the inside cover along with the inspiration from which he drew to create this piece of art.

"Reflection for me is a truly wondrous word. In the literal sense, I love to paint reflective pieces as it fills up the canvas with so much colour...also lends itself to creating a truly 'reflective' moment in the more meaningful sense of the word... where you lose yourself in the colours of the piece, and what a terrific place to find yourself!"

-Jason Carter

The stunning artwork featuring a quiet moment at the iconic Moraine Lake shoreline is meant to be enjoyed long past when the oil, vinegar, blends, and salts have been! To preserve the beauty of this print, carefully cut along the two creases of the cover, frame as you wish within an 8x10 frame and enjoy for years to come.

Stunning Moraine Lake artwork by Jason Carter

An advent with so much more!

Upon opening your calendar, you are greeted by an array of rosy boxes, each corresponding to the phase of the moon on that day in December; a truly special way to mark the "sleeps until..."

On the inside cover, you will see the QR code that takes you to the 2023 Advent Ideas page. This webpage is a vault of daily recipe inspiration that corresponds with each day's flavour.  

A grocery list is conveniently included for those wishing to taste along with us using the daily recipe inspiration page. A copy of this grocery list is also available on the recipe Advent Ideas page linked in the QR code.Inside the cover of the 2023 advent calendar

Hand-poured and full of flavour!

Each box houses an oil, vinegar, blend, or sea salt; carefully labelled and packed by hand.  

The selections include some of our gourmet line such as the resounding favourites Black Truffle Oil and Toasted Japanese Sesame Seed Oil.  It also features a few of our new products you may not have tried including our Wild Porcini Sea Salt and Gochujang Olive Oil. 

The blends bottles always stand out in the advent as they are perfectly curated combinations of oil and vinegar (2:1) that are ready for bread dipping, salad dressings, and more! Simply shake & pour these bottles that can even elevate your packed lunch.


Hand-poured and full of flavour!

Daily Drizzle of Recipe Inspiration!

You don't need to be a gourmand to enjoy the products inside; all you need is willingness to try something new... and the accompanying grocery list!  Stock up on the required ingredients, watch the recipe video from the evoolution.ca/pages/advent-ideas page and enjoy! Watch the short video to see some of our favourite ways to cook, bake, and indulge with these goods. 

While the recipes are an excellent place to start, the selections are sure to spark your creativity and we encourage you to spice up your regular recipe routine or get creative while you discover the world of olive oil and balsamic.

Wondering how to get your hands on one?

If you're in Alberta, pop into one of our six convenient locations and take it home today. If you're farther afield, take advantage of our excellent shipping rate of $9.99 across Canada, or better yet, just spend $75 to receive FREE SHIPPING!

International? We ship across the USA and even offer global shipping to specific locations.  

Our 2023 Advent Calendar has sold out, we hope you enjoy!


  • Evoolution

    Hi @Kim, thanks for your question! Pre-sales for the 2024 Evoolution Advent Calendar will begin in mid-October. Ensure you are signed up for our emails to get the most up-to-date information on their release!

  • Kim Sjostrom

    When will the new 2024 advent calendar be out for sale?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tamara, so glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying the advent calendar!

  • Tamara

    I love the calendar design and also the daily recipe ideas! It is like a double surprise :)

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