Agrumato: Fused Olive Oil

Evoolution’s walls of fused and infused olive oils catch the eye of every visitor to our stores. Citrus, chili, herbs and other delicious flavours make the mind swim with recipe ideas and delightful taste combinations. But how exactly do those other botanicals make their way into our olive oil? It all has to do with the agrumato process. 

What is Agrumato? 

Agrumato is a kind of flavoured olive oil. The term comes from the Italian agrume, meaning “citrus,” based on the practice of adding citrus fruits to olive batches to impart a zesty flavour. While agrumato began with citrus fruits, many other botanicals are now added to olives to create these flavourful oils.   


The process has practical origins. The addition of citrus fruit to olive batches was traditionally done to help clean the mills at the end of the season. It produced a citrus-flavoured oil that wasn’t originally sold but given out among the millers’ families. Eventually, this niche culinary product caught on in popularity and began to be offered to the public.

The Process 

To be classed as agrumato, the citrus or other botanical must be added to the batch of olives prior to crushing. This allows the flavours of both ingredients to fuse at the peak of ripeness and create a well-rounded taste profile.

Fresh rosemary sways in the breeze

Agrumato at Evoolution 

As appreciators of fine olive oil and traditional practices, Evoolution is proud to offer a selection of high-quality agrumato olive oils. Naturally, our agrumato oils are made of the same quality extra virgin olive oil as our Ultra Premium oil selection with the addition of equally delicious botanicals.  

Classic Citrus 

Citrus fruits are the original agrumato flavour so we carry a full selection. For a classic zesty bite, try our Eureka Lemon Olive Oil on seafood or salads. Our Blood Orange Olive Oil is an ideal pair for cheeses, berries, or serving alongside our Cranberry Pear White Balsamic Vinegar.  

Chilis and Herbs 

Hot peppers also make a fantastic addition to olive oil. Our Baklouti Green Chili Olive Oil combines fruity and spicy notes perfectly, making a great marinade. Red Cayenne Chili Olive Oil delivers a fiery punch of hot pepper flavour to salsas, BBQ, or sauteed vegetables. Or go classic with our Wild Rosemary Olive Oil to add a burst of that fresh herbal flavour to roasted potatoes or poultry. Other herbs that can be found in fused olive oils include sage, oregano, and thyme. 


Trying Evoolution’s agrumato olive oils is a great way to expand your horizons. From breakfast to dessert, you now have a way to add delicious flavour to your meal while getting the full health benefit of olive oil. If flavour-packed olive oil intrigues you, why not order your favourite right now? Check out a few of our delicious agrumato oils and get cooking! 

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